Buy-out of used calipers

In case when at the time of the purchase the Customer does not trade-in an old calliper, a security deposit will be charged to the Customer with the Teiler product.

The customer reserves the right to return the old calliper after fitting onto their vehicle the new Teiler product. If the old housing is free of defects (i.e. it can be remanufactured), the Customer will receive a credit note for the charged amount of the security deposit.

The security deposit for the caliper is charged also in cases where an international customer orders a brake caliper without having previously sent their old caliper.  Should such international customer deliver/return an old caliper at a later point and the housing of the caliper is free of defects, a credit note for the amount of the previously charged security deposit will be issued.

Procedure for return of the used calipers or deposits is very complex in itself and therefore flexibility is necessary. The old caliper is charged in advance. After return, a credit note is issued.

There is no time-limit for the return of an old caliper. You may return it within an indefinite time-limit.

The returned caliper does not necessarily need to be the same that was removed from vehicle and it also does not to be that same exact model.

After an old caliper has been returned, our experts inspect and test the caliper’s housing. If it is undamaged and can be restored in remanufacturing process, the staff will authorise a refund by issuing a credit note.

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