Warranty conditions

TEILER is AUTO HRVATSKA PRODAJNO SERVISNI CENTRI d.o.o. brand (Hereinafter collectively: TEILER). 

Warranty applies to any Teiler product sold by AUTO HRVATSKA PRODAJNO SERVISNI CENTRI d.o.o. and its authorised dealers, in Croatia and worldwide. Teiler products are covered by warranty in regular use and for intended purpose against defects in workmanships for duration of 12 months. TEILER accepts responsibility for faults within the warranty period if they are caused by defects in material or workmanship. In this case, TEILER will repair or replace the returned product free of charge in the shortest time possible.

TEILER accepts no liability for damages and product defects resulting from:

  • Improper installation and / or inadequate maintenance of the product
  • Not following the manual for instalation and use of the product
  • Failure to adhere to installation / operation instructions

Warranty processes

The customer who claims a defective product within warranty period must allow TEILER to thoroughly examine the product and investigate the cause of the failure in Auto Hrvatska PSC service workshop. It is the customer’s responsibility to arrange and bear costs of claimed product delivery as well as to supply all the information about the identified fault.

When claimed products are delivered for inspection in the course of a claim process, the entire set must be supplied. A complaint can be communicated via phone or email. During the warranty period, TEILER will repair or replace any defective component that is in the warranty period. TEILER reserves the right to replace a defective TEILER product or relevant parts with a product or a part of equivalent value, or repair them. If a replacement is required, the replaced TEILER product or components become the property of the TEILER company.

TEILER attaches great importance to the tags as reference points. In order to avoid any necessary delay in processing of your claim, please do not remove warranty plates from the products. Defective parts without no warranty plates are accepted only if they can be proven to indeed be TEILER products. After repair, the TEILER will grant warranty during the rest of the warranty period or grant a new 12-month period.

If an authorized TEILER service finds that there is no claimed defect, the cost of the product inspection, delivery and other costs is borne by the customer. Auto Hrvatska PSC will accept exclusively the direct costs of repair or replacement of the product at the authorized service. No other costs or charges caused by defect product will be accepted.

If any TEILER product needs a warranty repair, the cost of transport from the customer location and return transport will be borne by the customer. TEILER will not be liable for any damage or loss of goods during the transport of the product under warranty to the TEILER service workshop and back. The buyer will bear all the risk and expense of any damage or loss in transport. TEILER will only reimburse the transport cost in case of approval and acceptance of the warranty. TEILER will not be liable for any loss or revenues or any other commercial or economic loss of any kind except those expressly stated herein.

The customer agrees to bear costs such as damage to the vehicle and the engine as well as the costs of removing, installing, shipping and delivering the product, the costs of transporting the vehicle and the goods, haulage of the vehicle, lost profits, damage to the goods, damages to third parties, bodily injuries etc.

As long as the product is labelled as a TEILER product, it will be replaced or repaired at no cost, since TEILER attaches great importance to customer satisfaction and always looks to find appropriate solution. 

By purchasing TEILER products, the Customer here acknowledges that TEILER shall not be liable for any material defects of TEILER products (visible or invisible).

Thank you for your trust.

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