Brake caliper renewal procedure

The advantage of choosing a TEILER brand product is in the standardized renewal process itself. The entire procedure is divided into phases and each of these phases is given equal importance, and the professional staff performs it in the most professional way using special dedicated tools.

In the field of transport and logistics, the pressure of competition is extremely high, which is why the costs of repairs and maintenance of vehicles and their savings play a significant role. Timely renewal is an efficient and safe solution for all types of vehicles - buses, trucks and all types of (semi) trailers, including older generation trailers. The original refurbished TEILER brake calipers cover all models of the economy program with a 12-month warranty.

According to the work instructions, each jaw goes through a standardized production process to obtain a new product. The worn brake caliper is completely disassembled, and the housing (core) of the brake caliper is cleaned in a rotary washing machine to remove all dirt and grease. Only after this procedure is the housing sandblasted. By sandblasting and varnishing, the housing (core) is completely protected and prepared for further assembly. This is followed by the assembly process. All components and mechanical parts are replaced with new original parts. Each refurbished product undergoes the same controls as the new factory product, which includes pressure testing by simulating braking while driving the brake cylinder and controlling and calibrating the brake pad wear sensor. All new mechanical parts and components are used in the renovation. The brake caliper is gradually assembled and its operation and functionality are checked.

In order to get a new product from the old brake caliper, it takes 3 to 4 hours, which is how long the whole renovation process takes. If everything works properly, the jaw gets its identification number and the code to which the warranty is attached. A large stock of ready-made jaws of the most sought-after models is available immediately for delivery (more than 500 jaws), over 150 cores (core) ready for renovation and more than 1,000 reference numbers ready for delivery, with the option to purchase old jaws.

See below for a complete picture of the reparation process.


Upon receiving a faulty brake caliper, the first stage is fault detection and status assessment, which indicates which parts are to be prepared for replacement.


Special tools and precautions are used to prevent deformations and damage to parts of the caliper and workplace safeguard measures are applied.


The housing and the parts are cleaned in a rotary basket washer for thorough removal of dirt, greases and rust.


The degreased and cleaned casing is sand-blasted to complete the removal of rust and remains of the previous coating. The casing is finally coated and dried.


All the parts of the caliper assembly are put to series of tests and any part that proves unsatisfactory is replaced by a new one.


Every product is put to the same series of tests that are applied to the factory-made product as well, i.e. pressure is tested by simulation of braking in motion with the brake cylinder and we test the brake pad wear sensor.

It takes 3 to 4 hours to turn the old caliper into a new product. The completely compliant product is given its own identification number and warranty reference code.

Quality remanufacturing at a great price!

12-months warranty on repair work. More than 500 remanufactured calipers readily available. More than 1,000 reference codes ready for delivery.